Thursday, September 10, 2009

Spread the Word

The link to the voting page is up, so if you want to check out the beautiful story, click on the picture of the illustration in the sidebar. Also, Sheila Lindsay has a new website. Get to know more about Sheila by clicking on the author button in the sidebar.

Well, as the voting date draws near, efforts to garner more support for Dandelion Snow have been put into high gear. Emails have been sent, calls made, blogging, Facebook, and websites have all been utilized to ask for votes.

If you'd like to jump on the Dandelion Snow bandwagon, you can show your support by spreading the word. Tweet, blog, add a link to Facebook, add a Dandelion Snow button to your site {see below}, and we'd be ever so grateful!

As for the voting:

-You can vote once daily per computer IP address Sept. 20th - Oct. 4th

-Networks (businesses mostly) will have only one IP address, so if you want to approach the people in a company to vote, they will have to do it on their home computer since only one vote will be allowed from that particular business network IP address

-Make sure you have set your computers/internet browser to "allow cookies" or the votes will not register

The direct link to the voting page:

Dandelion Snow button:
Many, many thanks!!

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