Friday, August 28, 2009

Meet the Author

I was born in San Antonio TX, but moved to Baltimore MD at the age of 9. In Baltimore I had most of my life experiences, education, marriage, 2 children and made many lifelong friends, but my heart belonged to Texas. I moved across the country with my two young daughters, where I had new life experiences, including new lifelong friends and grandchildren. I now reside in Houston TX with my mother.

I’ve always had an active imagination, just ask my mother. I loved creating stories and retelling fairy tales or books I’d read to my younger brother or anyone who would listen. It wasn’t until after hearing a story, one of my granddaughters made the comment “Ooo, Nanny that was good!” That I decided maybe I should write them down.

I love writing children’s stories and I pray that my stories bring enjoyment and ignite the imaginations of all the children that read them.

~ Sheila Lindsay, author of Dandelion Snow

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Dandelion Snow

Welcome to the blog for Dandelion Snow. Written by author Sheila O. Lindsay, Dandelion Snow is a sweet tale about three little girls all dressed for Sunday School who decide to have a little race before church. The three girls stir up dandelion snow as they race back and forth in their backyard, smudging their faces and dresses, before being discovered by Mama. It is a beautiful poem, sure to bring a smile to any face.

Illustrating Dandelion Snow is artist, Vanessa Roeder. She thoroughly enjoyed racing through the swirls of snow with each of the three girls.

Dandelion Snow is a finalist for this year's ABC Picture Book Competition. The finalists' books will be put to an internet vote to determine the winner. Be sure to vote daily September 20th through October 4th as the book with the most votes will receive a royalty based publishing contract for their entry!